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Hey there! I'm Kerry.

I'm currently doing a Theatrical and Media make-up course at college. I absolutely love it! so be prepared to see a variety of crazy make-ups on my Deviantart :)

I'm a very creative person, but it likes to be selective so I can do it on demand (which is annoying when I have art work to do for college!!!) but when I get into the right frame of mind, I love it. It's very relaxing.

My biggest love in the world is definitely clothes shopping ;) I love Primark though, It's very cheap which means I can alter the clothes to how I like it! i.e. cutting the neckline on a t-shirt so it isn't up around my neck.
  • Mood: Wow!
On Monday 18th March 2013, I took my Driving Theory test for the first time and to be frank, I was absolutely sh*tting myself. I walked into the test centre, my parents eyes following my every move to the entrance from their parked car on the side of the street. I came to my first dilemma, where the f*ck did I go?! there were doors everywhere, a reception to my right. But then, I spotted it. The massive sign right in front of me that said DRIVING THEORY TEST and a big arrow pointing through the door way. I walked in. There sat a rather plum depressed looking woman who clearly hated her job, she grunted for my driving license and handed me a key with what looked like a branch attached to it with the number 5 carved into the side.
I proceeded forthwith to my new found locker and attempted to open it, which I couldn't, baring in mind that a cute guy was standing near me looking at some paper work, a girl was crouched down beside me shovelling her many bags into a locker. Panic started to set in as I gradually made myself look more stupid from nerves. I realised the key was the wrong way up *facepalm*. I eventually got into the locker, put my paperwork in it and turned around. The woman, looking more like she couldn't be bothered to be there, told me to go through and Jennifer would meet me, like I knew who the hell Jennifer was?! I went through, hoping that there wouldn't be a couple woman there and I had to know which of them was Jennifer otherwise I'd fail my test, almost as if I'd been sent on a different test to see how stupid I am. But there she was, sat at a computer sending a beaming smile towards me, like I wasn't about to take a test that has been stressing me out for weeks. She again, looked at my ID and confirmed that I was indeed myself and not an imposter (dammit). I then got sent into a room which had a lot of CCTV and little cubicles (think American library style) with vintage computers in them (you know, the ones which are obese and the screens flicker) but these weren't just any 2000's computer monitors, they were TOUCH SCREEN vintage 2000's monitors (I know, i couldn't contain my jizzing either). I sat down in cubicle number 7, confirmed that I am indeed myself AGAIN (like I could suddenly change 3 times in 5 minutes) and started my test. A lot of the questions I'd already seen and answered about 20 times while doing practise questions. I quietly chuckled to myself as a stormed through the questions thinking how easy they were, then gradually they got harder. It started asking me questions I had not seen before and confused me a lot. I started panicking thinking that I had failed my quest to pass my theory test. I went back through them (i'd managed to complete all the questions in 12 minutes, oppsie) as I had time and counted up the questions that I didn't know and wasn't certain was right, it came to 9, f*ck! if they were all wrong i'd fail. But, I didn't know them so I just carried on to the MOST EXCITING THING OF MY LIFE, The Hazard Perception test. I'd watched quite a few clips online but they didn't prepare me for this. 14 clips. one after each other. with 10 seconds between. each clip lasting about 30 to 60 seconds. I ALMOST DIED. It was literally the most dragged out and boring thing ever. Nearer the end I just didn't care that the pedestrian was walking out in front of my car, a car was backing into me. It just didn't matter, but I still clicked like a trooper.
I finally finished, It told me I could leave. I walked back into the main office area and was greeted by the woman apparently called Jennifer, she asked me for my ID as I emptied my locker (putting the key in the right way this time, huzza!). I turned back around as a girl suddenly slapped her face with her letter and ID and shouted finally (I assumed that she passed, unless she somehow gets a kick out of failing) and was handed my own letter.
My world slowed down as a tried (and failed) to see my marks or how i'd done. But my eyes focused on the word CONGRATULATIONS. Now, I assumed that they wouldn't be congratulating my fail, so I assumed I passed. I practically ran out the room, almost not seeing the small set of stairs, and out the building. I gave a thumbs up to my parents and basically danced down the stairs, woooo! My mum greeted me with crying(typical mum thing), saying that she was proud.

On later inspection, I found out that i'd got 45 out of 50 (43 out of 50 required) on the questions and 67 out of 75 (only 44 out of 75 required). Fairly pleased with myself!

But yayyyy I PASSED MY THEORY TEST. Don't even begin about my driving test, I'm so scared. I'll probably run over an elderly lady and her dog, then proceed to crash into the side of a passing train or something :'( hopefully i'll still pass!!! ;-)

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